Hoshizaki Ice Machine with Water Dispenser

Hoshizaki DM-200B is a countertop ice machine with water dispenser that offers the convenient combination of providing cold water and ice for all kinds of beverages at bars and restaurants, hotels and healthcare facilities. It can be combined with the SD-200 stand or used on its own with or without four 4" optional legs.

Hoshizaki DM-200B is a medium-sized 200 lbs unit that can be manually filled with full cubes, half cubes, flake or nugget ice, but it can also accommodate an ice maker for extra convenience.

Its stainless steel exterior makes it especially durable and attractive while its push-button operation makes it easy to use and helps keep sanitary conditions at the dispensing area. It can smoothly dispense up to 7.5 lbs of ice per minute due to its innovative agitator auger. This is an ice machine with water dispenser that is ideal for large glasses and cups which can be filled exceptionally fast.

Features and Benefits

a) 200 lbs storage capacity
b) Push-button operation
c) Dispense capacity 7.5 lbs per minute
d) Innovative auger agitator for individual-cube dispense
e) Accommodation of a variety of ice makers
f) It can be manually filled
g) Stainless steel exterior for extra durability
h) Ensures sanitation conditions
i) Ideal for large cups and glasses
j) 30" width
k) Dimensions 36.38" x 30" x 28"
l) Shipping Weight 240 lbs

Optional SD-200 Stand

a) Heavy duty floor stand with four 4" optional legs
b) Stainless steel corrosion resistant exterior
c) Standard locking doors
d) Easy to clean

Shipping and Warranty

We at Hoshizaki Direct ship all available items within 48 hours of order placement and strive hard for our customers’ satisfaction, so you can always contact us for further shipping details.

The DM-200B ice machine with water dispenser carries a two-year warranty on parts and labor on the dispenser.


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